Welcome to Café Lotti Munich!

Frühstück München


Reservierung Cafe Lotti München

Especially on weekends we recommend you to reserve a table!

Please call this number to make a reservation: +49 (0)89 – 615 191 97

Our reservation slots at weekends and holidays are:

10.00 am – 11.20 am
10:30 am – open end
11.30 am – open end

Make an online-reservation!


Espresso / macchiato 2,30€
Espresso doppio / macchiato 3,10€

Small coffee 3,20€
Large coffee 3,90€
Cappuccino (with Espresso) 3,50€
Latte macchiato (with Espresso) 3,80€
White coffee (with coffee) 3,80€
Cold Coffee Lotti 4,50€
(Espresso, cold milk, vanilla syrup)

with dairy free milk, soy milk, cereal milk +0,60€

Hot Beverages
Chai Latte with vanilla cinnamon 4,20€
Chai Latte with almond-coconut 4,20€
Hot chocolate 3,50€

For kids:
Babyccino (up to 6 years) 2,00€

Hot water with fresh mint 3,90€
Hot water with fresh ginger and lemon 3,90€
Hot water with mint, ginger and lemon 3,90€

Pukka Organic Teas 3,50€
cranberry, rose and sweet vanilla

Drei Kamille
Chamomile tea of three kinds of chamomile

Matcha Grüntee (caffeinated)
Sencha, Oothu or Suoi Gang

fennel, aniseed, cardamom and liquorice root

chamomile, lime, elder, marigold, liquorice, rose bloossoms and lavender

Beautiful Breakfast (caffeinated)
100% Nam Lanh whole leaf black tea

elderberry, elderflower and Echinacea

Spicy Sweet warming organic fruit tea (apple, cinnamon)

Juice 3,30€
Naturally cloudy apple juice, raspberry, orange
Red currant, passion fruit, rhubarb

Juice Spritzer 3,30€ / 3,90
Freshly pressed orange juice 4,50€

Cold Beverages
Paulaner Spezi 3,90€
Adelholzener sprudelig (sparkling water) 3,20/4,60€
Adelholzener still (still water) 3,20/4,60€
Water still/sparkling    2,90€ / 3,50€

Healthy Water 3,90€
slices of cucumber
raspberry and lemon
raspberry and mint
ginger and lemon

Homemade Lotti Lemonade 4,50€
Raspberry, Lime, Elder

Tegernseer Hell 3,50€

Prosecco 3,90€
Prosecco with juice 3,90€

Lotti Drinks
Lotti in Casablanca 6,90€
Prosecco, Aperol, lime syrup and soda

Lotti in London 6,90€
Prosecco, Aperol, strawberry syrup and passion fruit nectar

Lotti in Paris 6,90€
Prosecco, raspberry syrup, raspberry juice and soda

Hugo 6,90€
Prosecco, elder syrup and soda

Aperol Spritz 6,90€
Prosecco, Aperol and soda

Lillet Spritz 6,90€
Lillet Blanc, elderberry syrup and soda

Breakfast (10am – 2pm)

Lotti Bowl 7,90€ (vegan)
Oat milk, oats, strawberries
Toppings: fresh fruits, chia, granola, coconut flakes

fruchtige Lotti 6,50€
Yogurt with seasonal fruits and raspberry sauce

sportliche Lotti 7,50€
Muesli with yogurt, seasonal fruits and raspberry sauce

französische Lotti 6,90€
2 croissants served with homemade jam and butter

häusliche Lotti 10,80€
German roll, multigrain roll, homemade jam, butter, boiled egg, salami, cooked ham and organic cheese

vegane Lotti 10,80€
German roll, multigrain roll, homemade jam, avocado creme, basil-arugula -almond cream, small Lotti-Bowl and fruits and vegetables

vegetarische Lotti 10,80€
German roll, multigrain roll, homemade jam, butter, boiled egg and several organic cheeses

schwangere Lotti 10,80€
German roll, multigrain roll, homemade jam, butter, Nutella, honey, cooked ham, cream cheese and tomato / mozzarella

italienische Lotti 10,80€
German roll, multigrain roll, homemade jam, butter, tomato / mozzarella, salami, black forest ham and
organic cheese

verliebte Lotti (for 2 Persons) 29€
2 German rolls, 2 multigrain rolls,
2 soft-boiled eggs, homemade jam, butter, salami, black forest ham, cooked ham, several organic cheeses, Tomato-Mozzarella,  2 small Lotti-Bowls, 2 Prosecco

Eggs for Breakfast

2 eggs sunny side up 3,90€
2 eggs sunny side up with ham 4,90€

Scrambled eggs (2 eggs 3,90€/ 3 eggs 4,90€)

with cooked ham +1,20€
with black forest ham +1,20€
with organic cheese +1,20€
with feta +1,20€

with tomatoes +1,00€
with bell pepper +1,00€

Breakfast – Extras
German roll, multigrain roll 1,00€
Croissant 2,50€
Homemade jam 1,10€
Avocado cream 1,10€
Basil-arugula-almond cream 1,10€
Butter /Nutella / Crème cheese 0,80€
Soft-boiled egg 1,50€
Honey 1,10€

Snacks (from 2pm)

mexikanische Lotti 4,90€
Bagel with homemade avocado-cream and tomato slices

römische Lotti 4,90€
Bagel with homemade basil-arugula-almond cream and tomato slices

2 homemade pancakes (German pancakes)
with an mozzarella-tomato-filling 8,90€
with an avocado-tomato-filling 7,90€
with homemade jam 5,90€
with Nutella 4,90€
with cinnamon and sugar 4,90€
with Nutella and banana 5,90€

Lunch (10am – 14 pm)
Mixed Salad bowl with lettuce, chick peas, feta, tomatoes,  cucumber with raspberry-dressing 10,80€

Penne with homemade avocado-pesto and tomatoes 9,90€
+ feta 10,90€

Penne with homemade pesto made of basil, arugula and almonds 9,90€
+ feta 10,90€

Penne with ham and egg 9,90€